Having completed the JamFactory Associate program in 2018, Thomas Pearson currently works as a freelance glassblower.

Thomas' current body of work incorporates glass blowing, painting, and drawing processes with a focus on sculptural blown glass. Inspired by the traditional glassblowing processes from Europe he continues to innovate by combining traditional and contemporary hot sculpting methods.

His artistic practice includes working with other artists and artisans in his region on commission and exhibition work. Thomas also seeks to encourage new glass artists by teaching beginner classes through the new Poatina Arts Centre in Tasmania. 


"The way we work with glass is always changing, and I strive to reflect the modern need for constant innovation and creativity in my work. I seek to expand my skills by  learning from a range of people, the combined knowledge of Australian glass artists is very inspiring to me and has contributed to making my practice more efficient and creative. By learning from the patience and experience of others, and being part of the ongoing conversation around this material, I can be a better maker." 


As an artist I aim to create works that engage with the human form and portraiture in order to explore notions of humanity and struggle. I propose that the material qualities of glass, such as its transparency and clarity, allow me to translate my ideas on the transience and fragility of this human condition.

I rely on my experience of these material processes to convey my ideas. My works begin with drawing. This builds an aesthetic that carries across the entirety of my creative process .